woodsWhat fascinates me as a coach is the quality and nature of a person's relationship with their writing self. Rather than a lack of technical ability or a shortage of ideas,  it is often a lack of intimacy with one's writing self that creates challenges.
    Helping writers discover and utilize their unique creative process
lies at the core of my coaching philosophy.

  • What do you know about your writing habits and preferences? 
  • How do you inspire yourself to sit down and write? 
  • What physical and emotional environments support your creativity? 
  • How can you best direct the flow of your ideas? 
Crafted Essence Coaching unearths answers to these and other questions while providing ongoing support for your writing projects. A coaching session usually involves conversation, deep questioning, and guided vizualization that helps you access your deeper wisdom as well as practical suggestions to keep you focused on your writing path. The coaching process is as much a journey into your self as it is an exploration of your writing. 
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I have attended several writing workshops, and Julia's unique style and gifts are like nothing I have encountered. The word for her style is experiential. She has a talent for assisting you in creating the experience of what you want to say internally so that it merely flows onto the page without effort. She does this by asking powerful questions that lead to self-discovery and clarity.  I could only characterize this as true inspiration; she knows how to inspire. I did not want an instructor when I was looking for help with my writing; I wanted to find the spirit of the writer within. I knew the rest would come with ease, and it did.  Thank you.

Cynthia Flynn - Intentional Living Coach
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The underlying intention of these groups is to create an environment where deep connection with self occurs. Writing can be a powerful means of exploration and a pleasurable way to access the layers that constitue our selves and our world. When people approach me and say, "Oh, I don't know how to write," or "Writing is not for me," I want to remind them that their relationship to words is constant and ongoing. A conscious writing practice is one way to bring focused awareness to how we use words, to their specific vibrations, and to the effect they have both internally and externally. Words and stories are the fabric of our worlds.
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