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What people say...


"I can recommend Julia's workshop to anyone looking for a safe space to express themselves. Writing is not about technique, but about self-expression; Julia's small, personal workshops are a good place to start."   Suzanne

"I loved writing and sharing with others. You put a lot of thought into the structure of the day, and it felt good to be nurtured so. I don't often get time for things like this, and it left me feeling terrific."    Sheridan

"I came thinking I'm not a writer and left having discovered there are all these stories inside me."    James

"Thanks for a beautiful and soulful day. You have such a graceful way of creating a safe and playful space."    Catherine

"It is truly inspirational. I have been able to reach the essence of myself which no other medium has given me."    Jane
"An enriching and enlightening day... exploring many elements of ourselves, enabling us to better express emotions and characters in writing."       Jean

 "A very enjoyable and inspirational day. I loved the obvious thought and care that had gone into preparing the space and the exercises. I appreciated the variety of activities involving words and images all of which generated many ideas and avenues to explore in greater depth at home."     Lisa                                                                                                                                                                                  

Crafted Essence 2016