What I learned about in the course of our working together were the many faces of writing and what type of writing opened my heart and soul. Coaching with Julia was an amazing experience; I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the breadth of their imgination and places inside that are unexplored. Julia has a way of using fun, nurturing, expanding, and supportive exercises to coach a story out of anybody.

Andrea Kivolowitz - Health Practitioner and Coach

Since our first coaching session when you reflected back to me the possibilities and the potential I had, to that point, not seen in myself or in my writing, all I have to do when I get stuck is imagine you there coaching me through; I am magically catipulted past any blocks and back on the writer's path. You have a beautiful gift for seeing both who I am and who I am becoming, and you pull all the right tricks out of your bag to bring me back around to my self. I feel blessed beyond belief at the freedom you have facilitated in my writing and in my life.

Teri Foret - Writer and Facilitator
Having a coach was helpful for me to clarify some of my long term goals and visions.  Julia was a deep listener who could draw out underlying concerns, themes, and patterns behind what I talked about. This aided me in determining priorities in my life. Coaching helped me access core values and soul level next steps which generated a feeling of excitement and joy about my possibilities.

Marian Farrior - Ecological Consultant
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